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Eindhoven puts “leading in technology” into practice, and is rightly called the Brainport of the Netherlands. Most foreigners will already know all about the multinational giant, Philips, Eindhoven’s renowned football team, PSV and ASML. The Design Academy, renown as one of the world’s best design schools. The Eindhoven region is rich in opportunities for a wide range of target groups.

Best Intermediair Groep can smoothly guide you through some of these formalities. Due to our knowledge and experience of the local real-estate market we can sufficiently provide you with appropriate housing. Our management offers a broad and adaptive selection of apartments, houses, rooms or studios. Our agency has already accommodated a lot of expat clients over the last years for companies that are located on The High Tech Campus, flight forum as well as in the centre of Eindhoven.

We’ll do the best we can to make you will have an easy stay.

Please visit our office for some personal advice and readers digest regarding your stay and accommodation in Eindhoven, or give us a call at +31 (0)499-398725 or email us on info@best-intermediair.com .

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